Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Road rage

Not sure which I dislike more:

1. Overly aggressive drivers who *think* they are skilled as they narrowly miss clipping multiple cars while weaving in and out of traffic
2. Slow clueless drivers who putter along at random speeds and take forever to merge
3. People chatting on their cell phones... and driving just like a distracted driver. Pay attention!

I still don't know. But, I think its a tie between 1 & 3, because those folks have this unearned sense of entitlement on the road. F off.


  1. 1 & 3 are most commonly audi drivers :-)

  2. actually, i would say 3 are more commonly lexus drivers =P

  3. Survey says, "X" - can't be, we have hands free bluetooth, no cell phone holding necessary. :-)

  4. danny did i ever share this article with you? =P its long and you can read the whole thing, but just wanted to show you the summary

  5. oh and we gots the hands free blue tooth too. you remember all the bells and whistles when you drove my car that day and it took your breath away? ahh, yep i remember too. =P